Chestnuts old

Chestnuts are an energetic dry fruit used and valued since before the Middle Ages throughout the Spanish geography, being part of the most widely consumed type of chestnuts, European ones, ahead of Chinese and Japanese chestnuts.

Spanish chestnuts have a large amount of carbohydrates and also provide vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium… What makes chestnuts a very beneficial dry fruit for health thanks to the fact that the amount of fat contained in its nutritional value is very low and provides a large amount of water to the body compared to other nuts, such as walnuts.

At Espagry Ibérica, we work with industrial Spanish chestnuts. In our facilities we classify the product under our high quality and health standards for those companies that wish to buy them for industrial purposes, to manufacture candied chestnuts (marron glacé) for example, or other products derived form them.

In addition, we also sell Spanish organic chestnuts for costumers who wish to do so.