Espagry Ibérica

The core business of our company Espagry Iberica SL is the processing of industrial fruit, mainly cherries, but we trade also strawberries and chestnuts
With 25 years and more of experience in this sector as we started our activity at the beginning of the 90s in the valley of the river Jerte: our first steps were with the processing cherries of small size for the company Ferrero Spa.
Then, in 1995 we built our first facilities in the town of Plasencia, where the implementation of processing activities for some varieties of cherries helped us to develop the transformation activities for all kinds of cherries

In 2006 we moved to our current facilities in Malpartida de Plasencia, where we managed to improve the various activities, which are mainly SO2 solution processing, alcohol processing and deep freezing processing.

In any case we have been developing alternative ways for processing  our cherries,  in order to meet the current request for more modern preservation methods.

Most of our production is delivered to foreign markets, where we can compete by offering high quality products.

Video corporativo de Espagry Ibérica