Cherries in alcohol

The cherry in alcohol, is one of the most special products in Iberian Espagry. The process to preserve the cherry in alcohol begins with the mime when irrigating the crops. After the flowering and later pollination of the cherry trees, the fattening of the fruit begins. After a few weeks, the cherries begin to have their characteristic red color that makes them unmistakable. We can not forget those lighter varieties, with an excellent sweetness.

Once carefully collected it is transported to our facilities. At our headquarters we select and process cherries to meet the required quality standards.

Once the raw material is selected, it is separated according to sizes, and it is preserved in alcohol. They can be purchased upon request.

The cherry in processed alcohol has a characteristic brown color. It is ideal to use filling in desserts, or for chocolates covered with a delicate chocolate. Liquors with a great cherry aroma can also be made. Everything a delicacy for great palates.