Fresh cherry, in alcohol or SO2

Cherries have always been considered one of the best fruits to purify the organism and get rid of toxins, thanks to their richness in anthocyanins that give our cherries that characteristic purple red color.

Cherries are one of our main products, being the Monzón and Lámper varieties the most suitable for the candied fruit manufacturing industry and the best for storage and maintenance in SO2, since it preserves the stalk and allows us to pit them for cocktail cherries.

The cherries marketed by our company grow mainly in the Jerte Valley, Extremadura. The planting of the right cherry trees and a correct cultivation, growth and maintenance make that the cherry harvested during the months of May and July, gives rise to a high quality product. Among the

varieties that can be found in this area, we can highlight the Ambrunés, California and Pico Colorado cherries. Although our company buys cherries from all over Spain, of varieties such as Monzón, Blanca or Lámper.

Fresh cherries are exported all over Europe for the production of cherries in syrup. Cherries in SO2 are the main ingredient for the manufacture of products such as candied fruits, preserved cherries, maraschino cherries (cocktail cherries).

Cherries in alcohol are also used to make chocolate bonbons. Cherries can even be used to make Kirschwasser (cherry liqueur).

Espagry Ibérica cherries stored in SO2 have been processed and treated in our facilities under the highest quality and safety standards to meet the demands of our customers.

We can offer our customers cherries stored in SO2, with and without stalk, stoned or pitted, for different industries.

Frozen cherries

Fresh frozen cherries are ideal to enjoy the properties of cherries at other times of the year while maintaining their freshness, sweetness and flavor. Frozen cherries are packaged in bulk for the yogurt and ice cream industry or for pastry and dessert fillings in industrial confectioneries.

Natural dried cherries

Our high quality dead or dehydrated cherries also allow us to increase the shelf life of cherries, in a totally natural way and without any type of additive. We can find these cherries in snacks (as cereal bars or as another delicious product that can be added to regular cereals, among others) or covered in chocolate, being a potential high quality complement and a great natural source of fiber for breakfast. If the cherry has a high degree of dehydration, it can be ground/crushed, giving rise to “cherry flour”, widely used in the elaboration of smoothies, yogurts or a way to flavor meals and desserts in the industry.