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Cherry preserved in sulfurous acid, or SO2, is another of our specialties. It is common to see surprised faces for those who see this excellent raw material for the first time. Our cherries in SO2 have a natural origin, after the flowering and pollination of the cherry trees, the cherries are obtained. The correct ripening of the fruit allows us to obtain an excellent result. Once the freshly harvested raw material is received at our facilities, we proceed to the processing. We separate the cherry is separated by varieties.
The cherry in alcohol is one of the most special products at Espagry Ibérica. The process to preserve the cherry in alcohol begins with the care when watering the crops. After flowering and subsequent pollination of the cherry trees, the fattening of the fruit begins. After a few weeks, the cherries begin to have their characteristic red color that makes them unmistakable.
Frozen cherries are pitted before storage. Freezing allows them to maintain their shape and freshness for several months. To obtain a good cherry for freezing it is necessary that it is at an optimum point of maturity. Therefore, it must be harvested at the right time and processed as soon as possible so that it does not lose its characteristics and quality.